Point Spreads Explained

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Point spreads are something that you can actually understand pretty easily because you are either betting on one side of the line or the other. When you go to your favorite Las Vegas sports book, like mine at the Wynn, you just need to decide what you are going to do with that point spread when you see it. There are a lot of choices that you need to make, and you need to see if you can make the right bets based on what you know about the teams that are in the spread. The spread is worthless if you cannot bet the right way on it.

The point spread is either going to go in favor of one of the teams or be a push. The push is going to be even money on both teams. That means that you are making a one to one bet on the team, and you will win one dollar for every dollar you bet. These are easy bets to make, but they are also going to be hard sometimes because a game that is a true push is going to be hard to guess on because of the way the two teams are going to be so evenly matched.

A point spread that favors one team or another is going to be set up as a plus or minus. The team that is minus seven points is giving seven points to their opponent. That means that they have to win by more than seven points to cover the spread. The team on the other side of that spread is plus seven points because they are getting seven points as the underdog. They can ruin this bet just by winning. That is all it takes because they are simply the underdog. You can make your bet more powerful if they actually cover the spread on their side by winning by more than seven points.

The bets that you place on all these games are all based on the information that you have on these teams. You need to decide if you think that a team will actually be able to cover the spread, or you need to decide if the spread is too tight for you to bet on it. Some spreads are huge because the teams are so unevenly matched, but that does not mean you bet on a team to win a game by 40 something points. They are probably capable of doing this, but that does not mean that they are going to do that because they might take their foot off the gas and put in their third stringers. You have to think hard about this because some teams will try to win by 80, but other teams will not.

The point spreads that you are betting on are volatile, and you need to be thoughtful about this because they are going to change right up until a game starts. Someone could get hurt, and your bet goes right out the window because you needed that guy to play well for you to win the bet. The team could have a suspension. They could have everyone get the flu, or you have their game held up by rain which completely ruins their game plan. Make sure you are betting closer to the game so that you know what is going on before you place your bet.

It is very important that you are placing bets that make sense to you. You need to be sure that you have spent the time to get the bets done the right way, and you need to know about the teams. Point spreads are great, but only if you bet with good information.