Why Do Sports Odds Move

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Gambling on sporting events can be one of the great pastimes for sports fans and can be quite lucrative if done well. While winning in sports betting is certainly possible, those who book bets are also trying to beat the various gamblers and try to stake the odds in their favor. One of the ways that they do so is by setting the odds of bets to manage their risk and rewards. This article will explain why and what this involves in the world of sports betting.

What are betting spreads in sports?

When a variety of people are following a sporting event there are many factors that go into which team will win. Of course the players and coaches of each team will impact the winner of the game, as will the team with home court advantage and injuries will impact the winner. Heading into many sporting events the two sides are not always balanced and many observers can predict who is more likely to win a contest. Bookies and gambling houses will take the likelihood of winning into consideration by setting a spread on the game that will require the winning team to win by a margin that exceeds the spread for those who choose that team to win. It is with this spread that gambling between a more balanced and takes on a sporting life of their own.

Why do spreads and odds change?

Spreads are not a static thing and change as time goes on and a sporting event goes live. There are many reasons that these gambling spreads change and fluctuate. Sometimes factors involving the teams will change and the odds of the contest will change as well. Injuries, trades, and other factors all will impact the spread and each teams chances right up until the game starts.

Another cause of changing odds is the overall public position and thoughts on the sporting contest. Bookies and those who take bets from the public would like to maximize their return and limit the risk that they are taking when they take bets, which is only natural. Instead, they want to make money on volume and regardless of who wins. If every gambler is making bets on one side of the contest for a team that is likely to beat the spread, the odds and spread are often adjusted to encourage the other side of the bet as a way of evening out the stakes of the contest so that the bookie or bet taker is able to limit their risk. As such, it is the overall placing of bets unevenly on one side or the other that is the major cause for sports odds and spreads to fluctuate as a sporting contest approaches.

Beyond that, other lessor factors can go into changing spread lines;

weather conditions
– personnel changes
– level of gambling interest and activity
– major upsets in other sporting contests
– size and scope of bets

While some of these factors may seem to be unusual factors, they can all impact the spread that teams have and the odds that are assigned to a bet in a sporting event.